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Sennhesier TG2020-20-HHLD

Tour Guide System - SKM2020-D-US handheld transmitter, EZL2020-20L charger/carry case, and (20) HDE2020-D-II US receivers.


Sennhesier TG2020-20-HHLD
Sennhesier TG2020-20-HHLD Figure 1

The Sennheiser Tourguide 2020 series is the first digital RF wireless tour guide system in the ISM band, offering excellent audio quality and extremely reliable, interference-free communication. Designed for easy set-up and operation, this system gives you a high degree of flexibility with six available audio channels, making it an ideal choice for almost any guided tour application.

TG2020-20-HHLD system components include the SKM2020-D-US handheld transmitter, 20 lightweight HDE 2020-D-II-US stethoset receivers, and the portable, convenient EZL2020-20L carrying case with charger.

Sennheiser TG2020-20-HHLD Features:
• (1) SKM2020-D-US handheld transmitter
• (20) HDE 2020-D-II-US stethoset receivers
• (1) EZL 2020-20L portable carrying case with charger
• Digital RF wireless transmission
• 6 channels in the license-free ISM frequency band (926-928 MHz)
• Rugged housing for everyday use
• Ideal for use in noisy environments
• Backlit display indicates selected channel and battery status

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