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Arrakis ARC-8 Bluetooth

8-Channel Broadcast Console with Bluetooth & USB


Arrakis ARC-8 Bluetooth
Arrakis ARC-8 BluetoothArrakis ARC-8 Bluetooth

Arrakis ARC-8 Bluetooth Figure 1Arrakis ARC-8 Bluetooth Figure 2Quality and connectivity are two fundamental requirements for broadcast radio consoles. The ARC series consoles were the first to introduce PC & Mac connectivity with its USB audio channel. It also led the way with its use of the RJ-45 connection. These achievements put the ARC series ahead of its time and gives you the power you need for your station.

Arrakis continues to lead the way in console innovation and are excited to introduce Bluetooth connectivity built into the ARC-8-blue console.

Channel 7 on the ARC-8-blue, can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled device such as your cell phone, MP3 player, MP3 recorder editor and more. Just pair your cell phone to the console, and answer your incoming calls with the built-in 'Call' button on the board. You may then end the call with the 'Drop' button, just like a standard Bluetooth phone hybrid. The caller receives the console bus mix ('minus' the caller audio) so there is no feedback. 

The Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. You may use your Android smart phone, or tablet; as well as connect your iPhone or iPad. This freedom gives your staff the ability to bring their MP3 player from home and play their playlists on the fly. This also gives your news guy the ability to record an interview and play it back using the completely wireless Bluetooth connection.

With the Bluetooth connection, you may stream full bandwidth, high quality stereo (A2DP) audio to the respective channel. The ARC-blue boards use the BlueCore 5 Multimedia chip by CSR, which is the most advanced Bluetooth audio chip available, and has the performance capabilities far beyond standard Bluetooth specifications. Operating in the 2.4GHz spectrum, Bluetooth is also RF resistant.

Main Features:
• Same specifications as found on the ARC-8 + Bluetooth on channel 7.
• 8 channels.
• 2 mic channels.
• 1 Stereo output buses.
• 5 Types of inputs (Mic, Line, Telephone, Bluetooth, USB).
• RJ-45 & RCA Input connections.
• Includes DHD-Live, Live Assist Software - perfect for broadcast and internet radio applications.
• See the ARC-8 for more specs

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